Upcoming Events

**Upcoming Events at Tatanka Najin School**

Stay tuned for exciting events at Tatanka Najin School! Join us as we celebrate learning, community, and cultural diversity with these upcoming activities:

1. **Dakota Language and Cultural Festival**
Date: [Insert Date]
Description: Immerse yourself in Dakota traditions with performances, language workshops, and cultural displays showcasing the rich heritage of the Dakota people.

2. **Sports Day Extravaganza**
Date: [Insert Date]
Description: Cheer on our athletes as they compete in a day of friendly competition and team spirit. Enjoy games, races, and awards to celebrate our students' dedication and sportsmanship.

3. **Art Exhibition: Celebrating Indigenous Perspectives**
Date: [Insert Date]
Description: Explore a showcase of student artwork inspired by Indigenous themes and traditions. Join us for an evening of creativity and cultural expression.

4. **Community Service Day**
Date: [Insert Date]
Description: Join us in giving back to our community with volunteer projects aimed at making a positive impact. Together, we can make a difference!

Stay updated on these events and more by following us on [social media handles]. For inquiries or to participate, please contact us at [insert contact information]. We look forward to seeing you at Tatanka Najin School's upcoming events!